About us

At Bupa, we’re committed to making a real difference to your health and care.

That’s why we’ve been building our dental services offering. We’ve opened more Bupa-owned clinics and we’re growing our Members First Network. Our Bupa-owned Members First Network dental clinics offer high quality and great-value dental care for the whole family, no matter what your oral health needs may be.

Conveniently located

There are now more than 130 Bupa-owned Members First Network dental clinics across Australia, as well as an extensive network of practices located in New Zealand. And we’re still growing!

With clinics located throughout every Australian state and territory, there’s likely a location just near you. For a full list, or to book a visit, click here.

Bupa accreditation

Almost all Bupa-owned Members First dental clinics have QIP (Quality Innovation Performance) accreditation, which is based on national standards, as well as state and federal regulations.

The accreditation process integrates the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards into a clinic’s existing set of systems and standards. It provides a systematic and ongoing way to evaluate clinic standards and improve processes wherever possible.

QIP accreditation is lengthy but voluntary, meaning our dental clinics have chosen to periodically evaluate their processes and standards to make sure you’re getting the best possible care and patient experience.


60% - 100% back on most dental services (yearly limits apply)^